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User Experience – The Whole Picture

September 17th, 2014 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

At Agency Fusion we design and develop digital products like Tweak CMS and Built for Teams, and we also let companies hire us who want to leverage our skills and experience to create and launch their own products. To create the best possible product, we focus heavily on designing the ideal user experience. The graphics we create and the overall “look and feel” are an essential part of creating a great user experience, but our definition of the complete user experience involves more than just the pixels the user sees on the screen.

Maybe an example will help illustrate what I mean and get you thinking about how you can improve your users’ experience.

I’m a list maker, so I consider a good to-do app essential. I’ve tried a lot of to-do apps over the years and one of the best apps I’ve found so far is Wunderlist. I love that they have native apps for both Mac and iPhone, as well as a browser-based web app. Their cross-platform syncing is absolutely fantastic; events are synced in near real-time. There are a lot of other things I like about Wunderlist, but earlier this year I decided to switched to, in large part because I liked’s user interface better.’s UI was aesthetically more attractive to me, and there were a few features that saved me time and better matched the to-do paradigms under which I operate.

After a few months of using, I’ve switched back to Wunderlist in spite of preferring’s user interface. Why? Because the rest of the user experience was so sub-par. An attractive and intuitive user interface got me to switch, but it wasn’t enough to make me endure’s sub-par customer support, buggy software, and seeming indifference to quality.

User interface design (both in terms of aesthetic appeal and ease of use) is a critical component of a great user experience, but make sure you spend equal time thinking more broadly about your product’s total user experience. Great design alone won’t make your product loved and shared.

iPhones, Netbooks, and Websites

April 8th, 2009 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

If you design websites, build websites, or own a website, you might want to take note: iPhone users are surfing the web with a 480×320 screen resolution. The popular Blackberry 8830 has 320×240. And netbook users are surfing the web with resolutions as small as 800×480.

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Zeldman Explains Web Design

December 12th, 2007 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

Jeffrey Zeldman, publisher of A List Apart, has written a great article on the subject of Understanding Web Design.

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Print Designers: Welcome to the Web

August 22nd, 2007 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

At Agency Fusion we frequently get to work with designers who are experienced in print but are cautiously venturing into the world of Web design. Because the Web is an entirely different medium from print, it can cause some anxiety and frustration at first.

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Article on UI Design

July 20th, 2006 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

Discovered a good article which discusses the trade-off and compromises required to create a great user interface.

From the article:

“Educated compromise across all UI decisions is essential to creating the best interface possible, and is, ironically, required if you are to avoid designing a compromised interface.”

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