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Google Patent Filing Reveals Ranking Secrets

August 29th, 2005 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

Google’s patent filing earlier this spring unveiled many closely-guarded secrets about their highly-regarded search and ranking algorithms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often a mystery to all but those who dedicate their lives to understanding it. As you consult with your clients on a web strategy, it is helpful to understand a few key points revealed in Google’s patent application in order to give your client the best possible chance of a favorable ranking. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft Announces RSS Support in Longhorn

August 26th, 2005 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

Microsoft’s announced support for RSS in Longhorn holds several interesting points for the advertising world. If you’re completely new to RSS, click here to read through our intuitive primer on RSS. Regardless, a brief refresher is probably in order for the rest of us. Read the rest of this entry »