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Agency Smackdown: Speak Your Mind

September 25th, 2009 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

Ever get annoyed by that designer you have to work with? Ever think that developer is a bit too know-it-all? What about that new intern who is absolutely useless?

It’s time to speak your mind.

At Agency Fusion, a Utah web development agency, we’re big believers in open communication. We think it’s healthy. That’s why we built Agency Smackdown, the site where designers, developers, copywriters, partners, and even that useless intern can all have their say.

Check it out when you need a break. Leave a comment, cast a vote, or better yet, give someone the smackdown! It’s good for you.

Update: Smackdown is dead. Thanks to everyone who participated!

AF Launches Agency Smackdown

September 21st, 2009 - by Objective - Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Designer,

We owe you an apology. We haven’t really spent much time trying to entertain you. We’ve been self-centered and selfish, working hard to keep business moving along in this sluggish economy.

But what about you? You have needs. And we’ve been neglecting your needs.

Baby, we didn’t mean it. We’ll change. Words are never enough, though. We know that. So we’ve spent some quality time trying to find a way to show you how sorry we are.

So, please visit Agency Smackdown. We made this for you.


Agency Fusion

Update: Smackdown is dead. Thanks to those who participated!


September 10th, 2009 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

If you read my recent post entitled Your Inbox Controls You, you’ll be interested in this humorous spoof on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

It’s called The Hierarchy of Distractions. View the full size image.


via swissmiss

Google Maps + Hasbro = Worldwide Monopoly Game

September 7th, 2009 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

Google and Hasbro have teamed up to create an online game called Monopoly City Streets. With the popularity of both Google Maps and the Monopoly game, it isn’t hard to believe this is going to be big.


The game, launching September 9th, could become one of the biggest, most widely-played online games ever, with players competing from all over the world. As in the board game, players will spend Monopoly money buying property (each players starts with $3 million).

Downing Street will reportedly cost $231,000 while Pennsylvania Avenue will fetch a cool $2 million.

Read more at The Guardian.