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The Radar: May 24, 2017

May 24th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

GitHub For Atom

Git and GitHub integration right to your editor!

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Visually Impaired Coding

Who says you need sight to write code? This 23-year-old blind man is a web and app developer-in-training and describes how he uses technology and writes code.

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GraphQL Review

An insightful review on Meteor’s new Reactive GraphQL project, now known as Apollo.

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Stay Ahead of the Hackers!

Increasing cyberattacks are a good reminder of the importance of changing your passwords regularly. Learn more about who’s at risk and how to determine if your credentials have been compromised.

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CSS Grid 101

A comprehensive guide (with pictures!) to learning CSS Grid.

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Create React Native App

Facebook and Expo announced their new collaborative project, the Create React Native App. It’s designed to make it easier to start a React Native project.

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The Radar: May 17, 2017

May 17th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Apps Made Easy

FileMaker makes app development easy for small to medium size business owners without any programming experience.

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React’s Popularity

A good introduction to React and why developers love it so much.

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The Year of Ransomware

Cyberattacks are holding industries with vulnerable data hostage around the globe. Experts say the frequency of these attacks is likely to increase since ransomware has proven to be a lucrative business for criminal enterprises.

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Image API

Use artificial intelligence to build a custom image app.

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Fixed Pricing for Box Platform

The new Box platform offers more price certainty for developers regardless of usage on any particular month.

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Configurable CSS Formatter

Includes plugins for Grunt, Sublime, and other text editors to make it easy to run the formatter on a file you have open.

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The Radar: May 10, 2017

May 10th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

One Database to Rule Them All

Microsoft launched their new globally distributed database, Cosmos DB.

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E-Commerce Platforms

Looking for an e-commerce platform? This website will help you evaluate some options.

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Pushing Web Technologies Beyond the Browser

Introducing Electron, a software development platform that lets developers use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create desktop apps.

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Understanding Network Crashes

This report offers insight on mobile app crashes when interacting with cloud services and why they occur.

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A discussion about the best tutorials for learning Phoenix, Elixir, and Erlang.

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The Next Frontier for Web APIs

A nice overview of GraphQL vs. REST and whether or not GraphQL will take over the world.

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The Radar: May 4, 2017

May 4th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Paperspace in the Cloud

Paperspace launched their powerful GPU-backed virtual machines in the cloud this week!

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Jekyll For Developers

The author weighs the advantages and disadvantages of using Jekyll instead of WordPress to build a website.

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Try Prepack

Prepack is a new tool that optimizes your Javascript so that any computations that can happen at compile time are eliminated. It’s still in its development stage so try it out and give some feedback.

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Stanford Adopts Javascript Courses

Stanford’s CS department is switching their introductory course from Java to Javascript.

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Google Trips

Google made some major updates to their travel planning app with a goal to help users better organize their travel plans.

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