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The Radar: October 25, 2017

October 25th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Functional Programming

Read one developer’s thoughts on why functional programming matters.

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Tech Insiders Disconnect from Tech

An interesting article highlighting a growing number of tech makers that are withdrawing from personal use of apps, social media, and other tech tools.

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Micro Front-Ends

Extending the microservice idea to Front-End development.

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EEG Headset Meets JavaScript

Read how one programmer connected a Bluetooth EEG headset to RxJS and was able to program the headset to detect eye movement.

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Password Best Practices

Current password guidelines are broken, and NIST has finally released an updated set of best practices.

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Angular 2/4 in 2017

An interesting read on why Angular 2/4 is too little too late, and why you should consider other frameworks.

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The Radar: October 19, 2017

October 19th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Video Trimmer

Free online video trimmer.

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Simplify the Complex

This article teaches you how to simplify complex ideas using cartoons.

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New Firestore Database

Google launched a new database service for Firebase.

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Improve Your Ruby Ways

Learn some functions that can help simplify your Ruby code.

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Event-Driven Architectures

A great overview of 3 types of event-driven architectures along with their pros and cons.

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Software Security

This brief guide provides an overview of software security.

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The Radar: October 11, 2017

October 11th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Cat Swinging Using CSS

It’s amazing what you can do with CSS nowadays!

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Emotional Intelligence

Learn why emotional intelligence is such a critical skill in business.

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Reducing Global Mutable State

Tips on reducing the amount of global mutable state to improve the quality of your code.

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Better Typography

Basics for better typography in just five minutes!

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Facebook Access Tokens

Learn how to handle access tokens with Facebook SDK v4.0.

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Bug-Free Code

An insightful article about the perils of buggy code and attempts to write and create bug-free code.

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The Radar: October 4, 2017

October 4th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Redefine Stakeholders

While internal input is important when getting a product ready to launch, designing for internal consensus could lead to the creation of bad products. Read how one author redefines stakeholders and their contribution to design.

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Website Experiments

Website experiments help drive decisions using data. Read seven rules for running your experiments.

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Design-to-Code Platform

Introducing an easier and faster way to take applications from design to code. Currently, Android and iOS are supported and support for React Native is coming soon!

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Stranger Things Gets Legal

A creative cease-and-desist letter that demonstrates company creativity at all levels.

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Experiential Marketing

Marketing is changing and now calls for fast and effective brand experiences that build loyalty with consumers through one-to-one interactions.

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Rethink Heroku

Read one author’s take on why they prefer Heroku over AWS.

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