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Going Beyond the Presentation

March 22nd, 2007 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

OK, I’m finally back in Salt Lake and able to take a few minutes to post about my recent trip to Milwaukee to present to the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA).

I am thoroughly impressed with the hospitality I was shown in Milwaukee. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming. I appreciate that very much. I intend to return to Milwaukee and see more of this great city.

A special thanks to Tiffany, Bill, and Erica for the extra work they did to make sure I was taken care of during my trip.

Regarding the 3 main points I made about constructing quality websites for your clients, here are some links for additional reading.

Code Quality

  • W3C Markup Validator — Enter a URL in the first box and click the “Check” button to validate any page on the Web.
  • Firefox web developer extension — This is the tool I use to turn stylesheets off and do other geeky website evaluation tricks.
  • Adobe on Accessibility — A great primer on accessibility.
  • CSS Zen Garden — This is the site that illustrates the power of semantic markup and separating website content from presentation.

Search Engine Optimization

  • The Goal of Search Marketing — Sometimes ranking first isn’t necessary to achieve your goals.
  • Guide to Link Building for SEO Purposes — Linking is a powerful SEO strategy…this article discusses link building strategies in depth.
  • Choosing Keywords Wisely — An overview of the keyword selection process.



I also had a few requests for information about the services my company offers as well as about Tweak, our content management system so here are links to both of those.

Agency Fusion
Tweak CMS

If you’re interested in learning more about our CMS, I recommend having one of my project managers do a brief online demonstration of the system for you. They’re really good at showing you specifically how you and your clients can benefit from using Tweak.

Please don’t hesitate to post a comment below if you have additional questions or have suggestions on my presentation. I love receiving feedback!

Update: Presentation notes are available in PDF format (3.5MB).