We're a Ruby on Rails development firm dedicated to creating intuitive, results-driven websites and web applications. We're not into doing quick-and-dirty work; we're looking for clients who want attention-to-detail in development and world-class project management throughout the website development process.

As a company, we've been designing and programming web apps and sites since 2003. In the decades since that time, we've designed and developed hundreds of web applications and honed our craft through a wide range of projects. Ruby on Rails has become our go-to programming language for ensuring quality, efficiency, and scalability.

Web Development Process

We follow a detailed process (based on Agile principles) to ensure that we work efficiently and productively. Depending on the type and complexity of your project, we'll utilize the following web development process steps:

  • Initial Discovery: We'll take the initial information you provide and follow up with additional questions until we have a solid understanding of your requirements.
  • Level of Effort Estimate: Based on our understanding of your requirements, we'll provide you with a detailed estimate that we can review together. You'll be fully informed to make an educated decision.
  • Project Kickoff: Once we have a signed contract, we'll hold a kickoff meeting to set milestones and outline the actual project plan.
  • Regular Status Meetings: Throughout your project we'll hold regular status meetings with you to keep you informed and to show our progress. You won't be in the dark wondering where your money is going.
  • Quality Assurance: We utilize Test Driven Development (TDD) principles for clients who understand the value of this process. Before your product is launched you'll have ample time to test.
  • Deployment: Your product will be deployed first to a staging environment and then to a production environment. We rely heavily on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide best-in-class cloud hosting services.

Web Development Tools

Alongside Ruby on Rails, our web development toolset leverages these best-in-class languages and frameworks. We believe each project requires a thorough analysis to determine the best programming language and framework to be used in completing the project.

Although we're located in Salt Lake City, Utah, our Ruby on Rails developers work for companies all over the country. Contact us to discuss your project.

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