For the last 18 years, we've been designing and building native, hybrid, and progressive apps for clients all across the country. During that time we've had a chance to solve a lot of problems using a variety of technologies. As we leverage the newest and best technologies as appropriate, our priority is always to deliver the best value to each client. Meeting deadlines and staying within approved budgets is one of the key ways we ensure that we have happy clients.

App Development Process

Although every mobile application development project is unique, we've created a process based on the experience we've gained working with hundreds of different clients over the years. Our process is based on the principles of Agile software development and accounts for the factors that so often cause other less-experienced firms to miss deadlines and exceed budgets.

  • Initial Discovery: We'll review the initial documentation you provide to us and then ask additional questions to ensure we understand your project. We're looking for initial signs of a good fit during this stage. Are we the right team for you? Will you be a good client for us?
  • Level of Effort Estimate: Once we have a solid understanding of your project's requirements we'll create a detailed estimate that we can review with you and refine as necessary. If you've been burned by over-budget projects, you'll find that we're exceptionally realistic.
  • Project Kickoff: Once you're comfortable with the proposed estimate and timeline, we'll hold a project kickoff meeting to introduce the key members of our team and to set out a firm project schedule.
  • Regular Status Meetings: Transparency is a critical part of making sure you're a happy client. During our frequent status meetings with you, we'll apprise you of project process so that you're fully in-the-know at all times.
  • Quality Assurance: By using Test Driven Development (TDD) principles we're able to reduce bugs and increase efficiencies throughout the app development process. We'll schedule multiple rounds of testing and revisions to make sure you're happy with your app before it's released.
  • Deployment: Depending on the platforms your app will be released to, the deployment process can be brief or take weeks. We'll guide you through the process and prepare you for what to expect.

App Development Tools

Our app development toolkit evolves as the industry advances. Each project requires a thorough analysis to determine which programming languages and framework will be used. Rest assured we don't simply use one tool for every job; we find the right tool for each project to ensure you get maximum value.

  • Git
  • React and React Native
  • Objective-C and Swift
  • Elixir and Phoenix
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, and Node

As you search for mobile app development companies, we'd love to talk with you about why we believe you should hire us. We're located in Salt Lake City, Utah, but we build mobile apps for companies all over the country. Contact us to discuss your project.

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