Over the past 18 years we've seen a lot of new technologies, languages, and frameworks. While it's always exciting to evaluate and explore a new technology, our mission is always to choose the best technology for each client's project.

React and React Native are quickly gaining momentum as tools that we trust to help us deliver a quality solution. Although still somewhat newer technologies, they've matured enough recently that we're increasingly using them on projects where they provide a speed and quality advantage.

React App Development Process

Our process, whether for React development or React Native development, is based on Agile principles and gives us a method for ensuring that we meet budgets while hitting timelines. Depending on your project requirements, our process will follow some or all of the following stages:

  • Initial Discovery: During the discovery stage we'll start with the requirements you provide and work together to build a clear picture of what the first phases of your project will entail.
  • Level of Effort Estimate: Once we have a solid understanding of what you're asking us to design and build, we'll develop a detailed estimate that we can review together. Our goal is to make sure you're fully informed and in a position to make an educated decision.
  • Project Kickoff: During the project kickoff we'll set actual milestones for the first stages of the project and identify the scope of the first "sprints".
  • Regular Status Meetings: Lack of communication leads to most of the problems that occur between clients and vendors. In order to ensure that you're always up-to-speed, we'll hold regular status meetings throughout your project so that you're always informed.
  • Quality Assurance: By leveraging Test Driven Development (TDD) principles during development, we reduce the amount of manual testing required to ensure each release is up-to-par.
  • Deployment: We're big believers in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for best-in-class cloud hosting services. We'll handle all deployment and configuration, including multiple environments, security, and scalability.

Additional Development Tools

Along with React and React Native, our developers also regularly use the following tools and technologies. Each project requires a detailed analysis to determine the best languages and frameworks to be used in completing the project.

Although we're located in Salt Lake City, Utah, our React and React Native developers build apps for companies all over the country. Contact us to discuss your project.

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