As eight-time Best of State winners in Web Development, we're no strangers to learning new technologies and tools. Our expert developers are constantly evaluating new languages and frameworks to keep us current and to make sure we're always using the best technology for each client project.

Although Elixir has been around for a long time, the combination of Elixir and Phoenix for web development is relatively new and is still gaining momentum. We're excited about the potential of these technologies and are actively using them. If your project could benefit from Elixir and Phoenix, we'd love to talk further.

Key Advantages of Elixir/Phoenix

Given the relative newness of the Elixir and Phoenix combination, it's helpful to analyze the potential benefits of using such a new technology when other, more mature technologies exist.

  • Elixir is incredibly fast.
  • Elixir handles concurrency really well.
  • Phoenix is also fast because it's built with Elixir.
  • Some find the functional programming paradigm to be better than object-oriented programming.
  • Elixir/Phoenix may do a better job leveraging a server's multiple processors.
  • Elixir may provide better support for distributed/clustered systems.
  • Elixir supports code hot-swapping allowing for updates without downtime.

Additional Development Tools

Our team includes Elixir and Phoenix developers, as well as developers skilled in other supporting technologies. In addition to Elixir and Phoenix, our developers also regularly use the following tools and technologies. Each project requires a detailed analysis to determine the best languages and frameworks to be used in completing the project.

Our team of Phoenix and Elixir developers build apps for companies all over the country, even though we're located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact us to discuss your project.

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