Don't Waste Your Money on a Website

Jane has an idea. Jane will talk to her friends and family, and everybody will tell her how much they love her idea. Everybody except for Uncle Brian. Uncle B
September 19, 2014

A Brief Typography Primer

History This month’s internal training was a crash course in the basics of typography. The history goes back several hundred years. Although Gutenberg is often
April 08, 2014

Logos in Your Email Signature

Last December I wrote a short post begging people to stop putting images in their email signatures. Commenters were pretty divided as to whether or not they agre
July 01, 2011

Why We Want to Know Your Budget

Anyone know a home builder who will give me a firm price for a home, based on the following specifications? Probably between 4-6 rooms A kitchen One or t
January 16, 2010

We're Getting Ripped Off

You're so glad the days of dial-up Internet access are a thing of the past, right? We're all happily using broadband and surfing the 'net with super-speed connec
October 27, 2009

Agency Smackdown: Speak Your Mind

Ever get annoyed by that designer you have to work with? Ever think that developer is a bit too know-it-all? What about that new intern who is absolutely useless
September 25, 2009


If you read my recent post entitled Your Inbox Controls You, you'll be interested in this humorous spoof on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It's called The Hierarc
September 10, 2009