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LaTeX resources

LaTeX is is a great way to create papers, presentations, and publications - but often all of those can have more than one author. That's where a site like WriteLaTeX would be useful; it's an online collaborative LaTeX editor that includes tutorials, templates and demos, and works with Google Drive and Dropbox. And for a more complete list of LaTeX help, check out LaTeX Templates, which is a great source for free templates for articles, books, calendars, lab reports, and other documents.


Intro.js provides users with a clean, visually-interesting way to introduce and explain websites and site features. It allows you to create a step-by-step highlighted guide for anything on your site.


If you're looking for a coding cheat sheet - whether it's Python, node.js, PHP, Ruby, or any of about a dozen other languages, then OverAPI is your site. Besides an alphabetical list of cheat sheets (from .NET to Objective-C to Zen Coding), it also includes other developer tools and a Chrome Extension.

Google Takeout

With the news of Google getting rid of Google Reader, there are some people who are going to want to export their RSS feed list to another product. Google Takeout is a good way to do that. It allows users to take their data out of multiple Google products (like +1'd sites, Blogger, Reader, and even Google+ profiles and Picasa web albums) quickly. is a non-profit foundation dedicated to expanding computer programming education. It offers free tools online, and has resources for students, teachers, professionals, and anyone else.


Sites like Zillow and Trulia already allow you to search for home values by address. The Homesnap app takes it a step further by letting users search for home values based on a photo.

Tiny Habits

BJ Fogg, a professor at Stanford University, developed a system called Tiny Habits, built to help you change your behavior. The idea behind it is simple - you choose the behavior you want to change and anchor it to something that is already a habit. For example, "After I {close my front door}, I will {hang my keys on the hook}."

Tiny Habits


Airbnb is an interesting idea - it's much like the CouchSurfing site we've mentioned before. Like other infographic-obsessed companies, they've done a good job making their 2012 annual report visually interesting.


If your car is something of an enigma to you, you're not alone. Automatic is a gadget/app combo that sends all kinds of information about your car straight to your smartphone. This includes things like interpreting what your check engine light means, helping you remember where you parked, and ways you can modify your driving to save on gas. It also will automatically call 911 when it detects a crash.