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Tweak Version 5.0 Goes Live

December 1st, 2008 - by Objective - Salt Lake City, Utah

Break out the party hats. Tweak version 5.0 went live today. Why no exclamation points, you ask? Well, it’s because churning out great web apps is pretty much what we do all day, every day. It’s just how we do things around here, although it’s quite often for our agency partners and their clients.

The new version of Tweak is pretty sweet. If you design and/or build websites for your clients, you need to contact us ASAP to learn about becoming a reseller. We’re letting you take a cut of the profit from your clients’ accounts. That means you now have a recurring revenue stream that just flows in even when you aren’t working.

So, make some room in your bank account and give us a call today at 801-303-1591 to learn more about making cash reselling our CMS to your clients.