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Google Buys Radio Advertising Firm

January 17th, 2006 - by Brett Derricott - Salt Lake City, Utah

The BBC is reporting that Google has purchased dMarc Broadcasting for an estimated $102 million. Google is rapidly expanding from its dominant position in paid web searches to include more traditional advertising methods like radio and print. Existing Google advertisers will now be able to purchase radio spots through Google along with the web ads Google already offers through its AdWords program.

dMarc Broadcasting brings to Google an automated advertising platform which should allow Google offer radio ads in a manner similar to its AdWords program. With all of Google’s offerings, “Local businesses could turn to Google for a package that includes search listings, radio spots…and eventually TV spots and newspaper ads,” said Jeff Lanctot, VP of media at Avenue A | Razorfish.

Speculation exists that Google may use a pay-per-call model to make radio ads measurable. With Google spending millions trying to perfect the local search market, the integration of online and offline advertising will provide a broad array of advertising options that will especially benefit small businesses and those companies to whom targeted ads are most important.

If you have any doubts that Google is getting their hands into just about everything…watch a little longer and you’ll change your mind. The good news is that Google will probably find a way to offer these services more cheaply or in a better way.