Why did we build such a ridiculous game? It seemed an appropriate way to celebrate just how hated Comic Sans is amongst designers. To be fair, Comic Sans has its place, but that place is very, very small and people with terrible taste constantly want to let Comic Sans out into the wide world of logos, signs, ads, and more.

Also, it turns out a lot of designers want to talk about Comic Sans so building this game put us square in the middle of the conversation, exposing hundreds of designers to our services: web and app development, cloud consulting, and UX/UI design.

True, this game was developed in Flash (gasp), but keep in mind we launched this over 17 years ago. Times have changed, my friend. Maybe someday we'll update it.

And yes, we know...it's such a dirty trick to put a shiny thing like the death of Comic Sans in front of a bunch of designers to lure them into our nets. Guilty.

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