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Designing the First Impression: The Future of Healthcare

We worked with Seek Labs to design and develop their first comprehensive marketing website. One that would tell the story of their deeply human purpose and revolutionary scientific innovations.
Seek Labs displayed in a mockup browser and mobile device
Seek Labs screenshots displaying UX

UX Design

A Narrative with Impact

Seek Labs needed to share a lot of scientific and technical data. In order to keep the audience engaged, we intentionally designed the flow in which users would navigate the layers of content. We emphasized visual hierarchy to communicate information clearly and placed specific calls to action to guide the user continuously through the narrative.
Seek Labs visual identity

Visual Design

Developing a Brand Style

We strategically incorporated color and dynamic animation to build interest and brand recognition. We used graphic elements to help users visualize important technical information while also including real world imagery to humanize the content.
Seek Labs mockups


Making a Template Unique

Seek Labs didn't want to reinvent the wheel with their website, and needed to launch quickly. We worked with them to select off-the-self tools that met their needs, and customized them to align with their values and voice to make the right impression on their target audiences.

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